Adding Value To Your Las Cruces Home

Every homeowner wants to try and get the most profit from the sale of their home and that goes beyond simply staging and preparing your home for showing. Sometimes you may want to increase the value and stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of details, both inexpensive and pricey that can increase or boost the value of your home. If you're looking to increase your home's value, here are 10 ways to add value to your home before selling.

#1. Talk to a professional.Adding Value To Your Las Cruces Home

Even before lifting one hammer or spending one dime, talk to a professional on what buyers are looking for. There's no point spending money on additions or improvements if it's not going to make a difference to the home buyer. Every single market is different and because we both work with buyers and sellers, we can help by offering tips and suggestions to increase your particular home's value.

#2. Fix or correct any damage or handle small repairs.

If buyers see small issues such as scratches or Knicks in doors and walls, squeaky doors, broken light switches, or leaky faucets, they're going to think that there are other issues that they can't see that might be more expensive to fix once they own the home. Take the time to fix anything and everything that a buyer can see on the surface. The home should be darn near perfect before listing to get the most from the sale.

#3. New paint.

Simply painting the rooms or even the exterior of the home can work wonders to increase the value of the property. A fresh coat of paint in different rooms with a neutral tone and style can bring an older home back to life fairly inexpensively.

Adding Value To Your Las Cruces Home#4. Work on the landscaping.

We spend so much time staging the inside of the home that often times we forget about the curb appeal. This is often one of the first impressions buyers will have of the house so don't neglect the power of fantastic curb appeal. Make sure the yard is well-maintained, stands out in the neighborhood is one of the best looking yards, and is easy to maintain, especially for our more desert environment.

#5. Make rooms seem larger.

Take each room step-by-step because square footage has a huge impact on value. Adding a room can be an expensive addition but simply finishing a basement or building on a deck can also add the square footage that allows the home to seem bigger adding more value.

#6. Consider more energy-efficient properties.

70% of real estate professionals will say that promoting energy efficiency in a home is extremely valuable. Buyers are looking at heating and cooling costs, windows and insulation, energy-efficient lighting, appliances, landscaping that offers energy conservation and maybe even solar panels. Consider having a home energy audit to find where you can save energy costs not only will your home is on the market but for the buyers in the future.

#7. Kitchen and bathrooms.Adding Value To Your Las Cruces Home

These two rooms are probably the most expensive to upgrade but they are also the most prominent. Buyers like to see matching, high-efficiency appliances, new cabinetry or at the very least new hardware, granite or quartz countertops, and updated cabinetry. The same goes for the bathroom. Again, this can be expensive so talk with a real estate professional on the best way to use your home improvement dollars.

#8. Money-saving luxury.

Little luxury tips and additions can really appeal to buyers. Consider installing a water filtration system, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, wine refrigerator, or even building on an additional room. You might also consider improving the air quality inside the home such as changing out the carpet or implementing a high-efficiency air quality filtration system. These little tips and luxury add-ons can really add value to the entire property.

#9. Cleanliness.

Nothing adds value like a pristine home. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service at least once a week while your home is on the market. Just having a perfectly clean and neat home can add quite a bit to the value of your home.

#10. Professional staging.

Depending on the type of market, professional staging may or may not be required however, it has been noted that a home that is professionally staged can garner 3% to 15% more on the sale of the property. This is definitely something worth looking into should your real estate professional suggest it.

Again, every home is unique and what will add value to one home may not to another so it's important to talk to your real estate agent first about the best way to use your marketing dollars. Contact us below for a free consultation on how to market, stage, price, and add value to your home.


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