Las Cruces Real Estate | Tips for Showing Your Home, Pt. 2

As promised, we’re back with the remaining 5 tips for showing your home here in the Las Cruces Real Estate Market!
If you missed the first 5 tips, you can find them here!
Here we go with the last 5 tips to help your home look good and perform well during the home-showing process! 

6. Highlight the best features: Identify the features that are most attractive about your home. If you have beautiful hardwood floors, remove the rug that’s covering them up. Love your stainless steel appliances? Don’t hide them behind refrigerator magnets.

7. Secure your belongings: Lock away any valuables to avoid theft of expensive items or private information.

8. Have a plan for pets and kids: Your showings are much more likely to go smoothly if family pets or young family members aren’t around.

9. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature: If tours will be happening when you’re at work and you usually turn the heat off, keep it on so that buyers will be comfortable during their tour. The same goes for the summer, especially here in Las Cruces! If you have a nice, cool house, buyers will be inclined to stay longer and enjoy the home.

10. Provide refreshments: Make your home feel welcoming with snacks, candy, desserts, and/or drinks. Don’t forget to leave a garbage can in plain sight so visitors can clean up after themselves.

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