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In the spirit of Halloween, this week’s history fact is going to be a ghost story that is a locally known legend. In the town of Mesilla, there is a well-known haunted restaurant and bar called the Double Eagle. This building was originally the home to a very wealthy family in the 1800’s - the Maes family. One of the family members, a teenage son named Armando fell in love with a young raven-haired servant by the name of Inez. The two young kids would share stolen glances and begin to fall in love. Back then, it was severely frowned upon to date below your social class, so when the lady of the house became aware of the blossoming relationship between her son Armando and Inez, she fired Inez from her job. This attempt however, did not keep the young lovers apart for very long. Soon they were able to reconnect and one day, Inez was caught in the house. Armando’s mother went into a blind rage as she grabbed her sewing shears and began to  fatally injure the young girl. Armando attempted to protect Inez and jumped in front of her during the assault. This violent scene ended in the deaths of both Armando and Inez. It is said to this day that the ghosts of these two still roam the halls of the @doubleeagle_mesilla.

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