Las Cruces Real Estate | Market Stats: June 20 - 27

⚠️New Market Stats!!!
The last full week of June showed some bigger movements within the #LasCrucesRealEstate Market! Some stats are steadily climbing, while others have found themselves falling.
The stats that made small climbs this week were average sales price, percent of original list price received, and active listings. To begin with, the average sales price increased by about 2%, bringing it up into the $280,000s. This stat has been consistently climbing throughout the month of June, so it will be interesting to see if it crests the $300k mark next month. The percent of original list price received by our sellers has remained around 100% for some time now, but we did see it climb by about 1% from the week before, bringing it to just above 100% that our sellers are receiving. Without a doubt, this has been a seller's market. Our last positive mover was active listings. We've been keeping our fingers crossed that this stat will continue to rise because that means our inventory of homes is coming back. Thankfully, for over a month now, this stat has done just that - slowly climbed up. This week continued the trend with an increase of almost 4% up to 218 homes on the market! 
Unfortunately, the remaining stats all took a bit of a tumble. Pending sales was our smallest mover, only dropping by a little over 1% down to 60 homes. Despite the small movements, this stat has been fairly steady for some weeks now. Days to contract reversed its downward course and came back up by about 6% to 52 days. While this is still under 2 months, we were hopeful that the time on market would continue to decrease. New listings decreased by a noticeable 11%, down to 57 homes this week. It isn't the lowest we've seeen this stat, but it effects our overall inventory of homes available so we definitely like to see it trend the other direction. Last, but not least, our biggest mover of the week was homes sold. This stat fell almost 30% down to 33 homes. The last time this stat was this low was at the beginning of the month, so we have seen it fall like this before. Hopefully we will see it go back up as we head into July. 
Be sure to check back next week for more Las Cruces Real Estate Market Stats, as well as our overall look at the market for the month of June!
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