Las Cruces Real Estate | Market Stats: April 18 - 25

Who here likes rollercoasters - all the ups and downs, back and forth, twists and turns? Those who love it are in for a treat; everyone else, hold on tight because this week's Markets Stats belong at Six Flags! 
Last week, almost everything had seen a positive trend upwards. This week, on the otherhand, the stats are somewhat all over the place. Pending Sales took a significant drop of 31.4%, making that only 46 homes under contract. Active Listings, however, was our big climber for the week seeing an 11.8% increase to 181 homes on the market. The Average Sales Price took a sizeable drop of 18.2% since last week, making the average sales price around $242,675. The amount of homes sold also saw a small decrease down to only 46 homes, which is roughly a 6% fall from last week. New Listings was our climber this week, increasing 11.8% to 181 new homes coming on the market! Days to Contract and Average Percent of Original List Price Received all remained pretty much stagnant when compared with last week's numbers. 
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