Las Cruces Real Estate | Market Stats: April 11 - 18

Who's ready for their weekly helping of new market stats?! Well, grab a chair because they're hot off the grill! It appears that the #LasCrucesRealEstateMarket found its green thumb because almost every stat is on the rise! 
This week, we saw the biggest increases in New Listings at 64 homes (an increase of 64%) and Average Sales Price at $296,466 (an increase of 9.5%). The average time to contract has come down some to 34 days, which is a 9.7% improvement. Active Listings and Pending Sales crept up a little to 162 and 67 homes respectively. Sellers are also still receiving over 98% of their original list price, which tels us that there have been some serious buyers as of late! Finally, the amount of homes sold decided to plant some roots for now and remain at 49 homes. Hopefully we can continue to see some more positive changes in th market in the weeks to come!
Be sure to leave us your comments or reach out to us here, and check back next week to see what's sprouted up next in the local real estate market!
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