October 2020, Las Cruces Real Estate Market Minute

Hi everyone, I’m Kayla Fikany back again with the market minute! We’re looking at how the market performed for the month of October. 


This is a special month for our family because both of our kids’ birthdays are this month, and it’s also a special month for the market, and I’ve got just 60 seconds to tell you why. So let’s pull up the clock, please. Ok - Ready, Set, Go!


This month has been a continuation of what we saw last month. Our number of homes sold is up again from 225 homes in 2019 to 233 homes this year. The average sales price is up 10% over last year from two hundred twenty-two thousand to two hundred and forty-five thousand.


One thing that’s pushing that average sales price up is our number of luxury homes, or homes that sell for over 400k. We had 22 of those homes sell which brings our total for 2020 to 144, which is already 27 more than all of 2019 when we had 117.


The areas that sold the most homes were Las Colinas with a whopping 46 homes sold followed by Sonoma East with 17 homes and Picacho Hills with 16. The most expensive home sold in Las Alturas for 725 thousand dollars.


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