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We’ve all been spending a lot more time in our homes lately, which probably means that you’ve noticed some things that you’d like to change or update. When thinking of those changes, have you ever wondered if it would add value to your home? Trying to consider how specific changes can affect your home value can be a headache, so we’ve come up with a simple list of general updates that will add value to your home while still appealing to most buyers.

So, which updates will add the most value to your home? The simple answer is the ones that future buyers will want and be willing to spend extra on. We know that doesn’t narrow it down to anything too specific, but there are some general updates that will always add value to a home.

To start with, and arguably the most obvious update, is anything that increases usable space in the home. Some examples of this can be adding another bathroom, adding on to create a bigger kitchen, making closets bigger, and converting an unused space into a home office or study. Any of these will add value to your home and will be appreciated by almost any buyer.

Another type of update that you can do is anything that will lighten and brighten a space. This could mean anything from using white or light-colored paints, flooring, or wood accents. Adding skylights, larger windows, and/or French doors can be another way to add more natural light into a space.

Finally, another type of update that will add value to your home is anything that will add more privacy and security to your home. This doesn’t always mean a security system or monitoring service. Something as simple as added fencing or landscaping that can act as a fence can be just enough to give that added sense of security while also adding to the look of the home.

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