June 2020 | Monthly Market Minute

Hi everyone, I’m Kayla with Z Real Estate bringing you the June 2020 Las Cruces Monthly Market Minute.

That’s right, we’re back to the market minute format, which means that I’ve got 60 seconds to give you an update on how the market’s performed this past month compared to this time last year. I’m a little rusty, so we’ll see if I still have what it takes.

Ready - set - go!

You’d think with everything going on that the real estate market would be a bit slow, but  that’s not what we’re seeing in June. The number of homes sold compared to last June is down only one home from two hundred and seven to two hundred and six.

The average sales price is a positive, too. It’s up more than six and a half percent to just shy of two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars.

What is down a bit are the number of new listings. Last June there were two hundred and thirty one and this past month there were thirteen less, so two hundred and eighteen - about a five and a half percent decrease.

It’s no surprise that the top-performing areas of were again Las Colinas with thirty seven homes sold and Sonoma East with twenty. The most expensive home sold for nine and three-quarter million dollars in Las Alturas.

Remember, real estate is local, neighborhood by neighborhood and price range by price range. If you are considering selling, let us analyze your home specifically. And if you are looking to buy, every real estate market has opportunity in it you just have to know where to find it.

This has been your Z Real Estate Market Minute - we’ll see you next month.

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