January 2017 Las Cruces Market Report

January Real Estate has started strong. We saw 109 homes sell and that’s up from January 2016 when 81 homes sold so that’s an increase of 35 percent. The average sold price is also up. We’re looking at $167,489 this year, last year we were at $160,906. The sellers are getting 96.9 percent of their asking price, and homes are selling in about 70 days from the time they are listed, to the time they go under contract. You may ask where are all of the homes in Las Cruces selling? Well this month, Las Colinas lead the way with 10 homes sold. Las Colinas is the area North of Highway 70, basically off Sonoma Ranch. The second place was Four Hills which came in with 9 homes sold. That’s also off of Highway 70, to the North, basically off of Del Rey and Rinconada. I’m always asked where’s the most expensive homes in Las Cruces selling? Well this month it was on Mesilla Acres Road and it sold for $515,000. Remember, real estate is local, neighborhood by neighborhood, price range by price range. If you are considering selling, let us analyze your home specifically. And if you are looking to buy, every real estate market has opportunity in it you just have to know where to find it.

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