February 2020 | Monthly Market Minute

Hi, everyone. I'm Kayla with Z Real Estate back at it again with the February 2020 Las Cruces Monthly Market Minute.

Now, we saw how well I did last month at getting all this info to you in just 60 seconds, but we're gonna give it another shot. Wish me luck.

Ready, set, go.

You can say goodbye to having a slow 2020. February was up twenty four homes sold. That's over 16 percent growth from 2019 from one hundred and forty six to one hundred and seventy homes sold.

The average sales price is up, too. 2019's average sales price was around one hundred eighty nine thousand. This February saw the average price up 8 percent to just over two hundred and five thousand dollars.

Another segment of the market that's on the up and up is the luxury market, which as you know, we start counting at 400,000 and above. We're up two homes from last year's five luxuries to seven this past month, making the total for 2020 sixteen homes already.

The Las Colinas and Sonoma East areas were tied this month at 18 for the number of homes sold with Sonoma West in second place at eleven.

Remember, real estate is local. Neighborhood by neighborhood and price range by price range. If you're considering selling, let us analyze your home specifically. And if you're looking to buy, every real estate market has an opportunity in it. You just have to know where to find it.

This has been your Z Real Estate Market Minute. We'll see you next month.

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