August 2021 | Las Cruces Real Estate Market Report Proudly Brought to you by Z Real Estate

The Las Cruces Real Estate Market Report is a monthly report detailing market statistics for the past month and year-to-date. This installment includes information on how the market has performed in June of 2021, including average sales price, number of homes sold, days on market, etc. Let's start counting down from 60 seconds and see what this month brought to our real estate community!

Ready - set - go! 

If you’re a fan of our market reports or just familiar with how real estate has been trending nationwide, you’ll be glad to hear that things appear to finally be cooling down. Starting with the number of homes sold which is actually down a few homes from this time last year, there were 229 sales compared to 232 last August. The average sales price is still elevated at around 266 thousand, which is 12 percent higher than 237 thousand last year, but that increase is a bit lower than some of the much larger gaps we’ve seen over the past several months. The demand is still there, but now we’re seeing the volume of homes on the market able to bear it. There were 298 new listings last month, which is 57 more than 2020. 

Las Colinas continues to reign supreme as the number-one-selling area with 39 sales with 4 Hills in second place with 17. The most expensive home sold for 688 thousand off of Calle de El Paso in Mesilla. 

We’re sure to see a lot more happening in the market over the coming months, so be sure to follow us on social media where you can stay up to date with our weekly market stats and of course tons of local Las Cruces and real estate information. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you soon.


Average Sales Price Las Cruces

2020 - $236,957

2021 - $266,041

Up 12.3% or $29,084

Homes Sold for this Month

2020 - 232

2021 - 229

Down 1.3% or 3 homes fewer 

Luxury Homes Sold Year To Date

2020 - 15 

2021 - 28 

Up 87% or 13 more homes


2020 - 241

2021 - 298

Up 23.7% or 57 more listings

Total Luxury Homes Sold Year To Date

Jan-May 2020 - 91

Jan-Aug 2021 - 218

Up 139.6% or 127 homes

Days On Market

2020 - 58

2021 - 16

Down 72.4% or 42 days

Top Neighborhoods

Las Colinas - 39

4 Hills - 17

Most Expensive - $688,000 off of Calle de El Paso in Mesilla


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